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Bumps in My Internet Journey (Links): September 17, 2007

Posted by Bob Warfield on September 17, 2007

Great post on Lucid Era about the challenges conventional ISV’s face in embracing SaaS

Ben Kepes wonders why MicroISV’s aren’t embracing SaaS more fully.  The answer is they must not understand the advantages.

Tuesday is the best day for breaking out a great new blog post.

Vista forces Marc Cuban to dump his PC and go Mac.  Microsoft needs to take care: its easier than ever to dump your PC these days.

Facebook study reveals users look for Trophy Friends.  Why am I not surprised?  There’s a fair amount of jabber in the blogosphere that maybe your friends on Social Networks are really not all that, er, friendly.  That doesn’t make it any less fun to mess around with them though, it just points to the incurable appetite many have to make new friends.

Learn how to be a MicroISV.  It’s cool when two guys with an Internet connection can build an interesting business.

70% of the code in games is wasted, here’s what you need to make a game platform.  The code waste meme resonates in a lot of places!

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