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For Executives, Entrepreneurs, and other Digerati who need to know about SaaS and Web 2.0.


This is the SmoothSpan blog.  Its for Executives, Entrepreneurs, and other Digerati who need to know about SaaS, Social, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Cloud Computing in general.

The blog was founded in 2007 by Bob Warfield, and is focused on exploring the many ways in which the Web is radically changing the world of software through SaaS, Open Source, Social, Cloud, Mobile Computing, and other cutting-edge business models. It covers radical technology innovation with equally radical business model innovation to literally reinvent and extend software as it used to be.

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People look at my resume and wonder how I wound up doing one thing or another.  There doesn’t seem to be a pattern and no two gigs are alike.

My resume is very confusing to recruiters and potential employers.

A better answer than the resume is that I’m really good at and enjoy:

–  Learning new things very deeply.

–  Figuring out what the problem is and then creating products that solve that problem in unique new ways that users love.

–  Wearing all the hats: sales, marketing, engineering, customer service, you name it.  Blending all the perspectives to create a holistic view is a tremendous advantage.

–  Strategy.  Someone once said, “Strategy is what you do to make winning easy.”  I’ve always liked that idea.

–  Working with people to create world class teams that do extraordinary things.

The short form is I like to create things that people find useful, and I have a pretty good track record of it.  In an earlier era I’d be called an “inventor” or maybe a “renaissance man”, but I don’t hear those words applied to software much.  Let’s just stick with “entrepreneur”.  That works too.

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  1. benkepes said

    Thanks for your supportive comments Bob – if ther are ever any synergies between us I’d be keen to explore them



  2. smoothspan said

    Thanks Ben!

  3. pixolut said

    Bob, I spent some time doing some reading on your background – and there is some amazing stuff in your history. I’m intrigued by where you’re going in the enterprise…


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  7. janerri said


    Found you off Susan’s ITSinsider and would like to ask if you’re interested in being a blog partner with the Enteprise 2.0 Conference. Please email me if you you want to hear more information.

    ~ Janetti Chon, Community Manager
    Enterprise 2.0 Conference

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  9. […] Bob Warfield, a fellow Enterprise Irregular writes a great post about how superior content trumps SEO and links as a means of driving traffic: For marketing, content trumps SEO and links back to your site. That’s not to say there is no value in SEO or links, just that if you have to choose or prioritize, content is at the top of the heap.  If you’re a big company, you can probably choose to invest in all with far more resources than perhaps are even needed.  But the smaller your budget, the more likely you had better choose and make the right choice.  Pssst: the right choice is Content! […]

  10. Hi Bob,

    I just read your post on big data. I think big data will continue to be a buzz word, but will grow to be a thriving industry. I’ve noticed that you write a lot about cloud computing too. You’ve done a great job.

    At the moment, I’m looking for bloggers and contributors for a storage, cloud computing and big data website. Would you perhaps be interested in contributing your past and future blog articles? We want this website to be a thriving community of experts generating conversations on big data, cloud computing and storage virtualization.

    It’s free to join, and only the title and the first few sentences of your blog entries will be published on the website. We want readers to engage with your content and be directed to your blog for the full article. This way, you’ll get traffic! 🙂

    If you’re interested or have any questions, please send me an email at tinajin [at] with “Tech” in the subject line. I’ll be glad to answer any questions and get you started on being an expert contributor!

    Tina Jin

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