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Avoid Network Solutions Like The Plague

Posted by Bob Warfield on January 11, 2008

From the department of really tacky business practices comes this:

If you search to see if a domain has been registered on Network Solutions, they will register the domain, forcing you to pay them to get it.  By the way, the also charge more than the competitors and have fallen into third place.

Those two are plenty of reason for me never to try a search there again.  Alternatives include GoDaddy and eNom.  Their claim is that they do this to protect you.  Yeah right! 

The irony is that the blogosphere is aflame with chatter about all this which is bound to make Network Solutions business even worse.

Kinda makes you wonder what other evil business practices are going on as people take unfair advantage of the knowledge you give them on the web.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t have repeated a story like this, but this is so annoying I want everyone to know and stop using these guys.

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