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Should We View Internet Censorship as a Human Rights Violation?

Posted by Bob Warfield on January 28, 2011

This is an uncomfortable topic because it sounds petty.  Lori Kozlowski must feel uncomfortable too when she starts by saying, “Without being dramatic, it makes one wonder if access to the Internet at this point in history is actually a human right.”

After all, much worse things are being done to people in this world than Internet censorship.  Why even consider it for the list?

The Internet is certainly up in arms about Egypt being taken off the Internet.  There’s a Monster long tail of articles on Techmeme about it.  GigaOm tells how it was done.  It only took about 2 hours to completely isolate the country.  That’s pretty scary, and there is talk of an Internet Kill Switch for the US too, although more to stop cyber terrorists than to use as Egypt has, one would hope.

Is this just the Digerati contemplating their navels, or is it something truly important?  Does it rise to the level of Human Rights?

Our Founding Fathers were very keen on the right to free speech.  It is an essential freedom in our culture.  The Founding Fathers understood that it is silence and isolation that lead to tyranny getting away with it.  That’s where I’m coming from on this.  That’s what makes it an essential human right.  It isn’t the speech itself, it’s what’s being talked about.  Think about what it would mean to you to suddenly be cut off completely amid violence over the span of 2 hours. 

I have been a bit disturbed when we look too greedily at lists of where the Internet growth is highest and make those our targets without wondering what else is going on in those places and whether their Internet is our Internet.  Fortunately, there seems to be only one entry on that list where this is a concern, but it sure is high up the list.  Do you want to do business with a place like that?  Can you make a buck some other way?  Despite some of my recent negativity towards Google (no link on purpose), you have to give them their props for pulling out of China, even for a time.


Sounds like President Obama views the Internet as a basic human right.  Good for him.

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It’s the New Year: Change Some of Your Routines!

Posted by Bob Warfield on January 5, 2009

I’m a big believer that change is good, and that it helps us grow.  Sometimes, it’s the little things you change that can make a differences.  So change some of those little things.  Don’t change too many, you don’t want to upset your basic housekeeping routines to the point where you’re wasting productivity.  Instead, change things to make yourself more productive. 

Here are a few little things I changed at the beginning of the New Year:

1.  I’ve ramped up my Twitter usage.  It’s time for me to go meet some new people and refresh the networking process.  Twitter is a new avenue for me to exploit more fully along those lines.

2.  I’ve changed my Windows desktop.  I like an application dock, and since Microsoft did away with the one in Office (I’ve still never heard why), I’ve been improvising.  No more!  I now run RocketDock, which is very Mac-like.  It runs at the top of my screen with new apps, while I have the old Windows task bar along the bottom.  It works great and gives me a new bit of UI to play with every time I’m on the machine.  While I was at it, I nuked the desktop icon clutter too.  I don’t need most of it between the Task Bar and Rocket Dock.

3.  I moved out of Outlook for my personal email accounts.  This was a biggie for me, and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it.  There’s been a glitch or two, but by and large I’m very happy.  I now read all my email via Gmail.

4.  I got a big terabyte network disk, stuck it in our detached garage (so its “quasi” offsite storage) and I’m now backing up more frequently. 

5.  I flushed my backlog of unread blog posts.   I need to make a hard and fast rule to do that more frequently, but it sure was refreshing to have no entries waiting to be read!

6.  I’m trying to use Firefox half the time and IE half the time to broaden my web browsing experience. 

Like I said, these are just little things, but they’re helping me to be a little more productive, and they changes feel good.

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