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Microsoft Wants to Bribe the US Government to Let Them Hire 6000 Immigrants

This just in via Techmeme:  Microsoft wants to bribe the US Government to let them hire 6,000 immigrants.

I think it’s a fine idea to negotiate with the government in this manner.  And if I were running the government, my counter-proposal would be simple:

We’ll take the $10,000 per Visa plus another $15,000 for the Green Card, but you will have to pay for all of that with after-tax repatriated dollars.  In other words, use all those dollars you’ve squirreled away via offshore tax schemes to pay for it.  Of course I’d start out asking them to repatriate 2x the amount needed and negotiate from there.  In fact, I think maybe I’d be pretty firm on that 2X repatriation number.  Microsoft wouldn’t have publicized this offer if it wasn’t a screaming deal for them.

In the grand scheme of Microsoft profits and Government deficits, this deal is still mouse nuts.


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