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OMG: Skype Click to Call Breaks Excel so it can Only Paste Text?!??

This is an amazing bug that should be getting a lot more press.  I discovered it when I found that several Excel worksheets I regularly update were suddenly producing the wrong answers.  I went and looked and saw that instead of copying formulas when I cut and pasted, Excel was acting as if it was copying and pasting the text.  Essentially the formulas were lost.  When you think about all the things spreadsheets are used for, and how many of them are suddenly producing the wrong answers as a result of this problem, it’s scary.

Worse, I have no recollection of even being asked whether I wanted to install Skype Click to Call, it just happened.  It’s a browser add-in that is visible in IE and completely invisible in Chrome.  At least I couldn’t find it listed as an add-on yet I had to close all my Chrome windows to be able to uninstall it.

Skype has always been pretty sleazy and spammy–I hate a program where you can’t shut it down once it starts up unless you use the Task Manager or reboot–but this is ridiculous.

Help get the word out to uninstall Skype Click to Call ASAP if you use Excel at all.  You will not be happy to discover your spreadsheets are wrong!

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