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The Bubble Has Begun With the Most Expensive Stock In America

Posted by Bob Warfield on May 19, 2011

Burning MoneyIt’s official, the current Bubble has begun with LinkedIn’s IPO.  It was declared the most expensive stock in America even before doubling which means its now clearly way past Bubble territory.  Exciting stuff!

LinkedIn’s PE is 62 times Apple’s, 50 times Google’s, but less than 4 times’s.  Wow, AAPL and GOOG look like Value Stocks!

Stay tuned for more Bubblemania.  After all, Facebook and other high flyers are still sitting on the sidelines.  I wonder if anyone has ever calculated the amount of money on the sidelines at the beginning of a Bubble that is available as Bubble Fuel?  With the kinds of market caps these companies will get, you would think it will use up the fuel quickly.  Of course there will be some tendency to self-fuel as speculators jump in and out of these stocks pocketing profits and reinvesting in new securities that are earlier on the Greater Fool timeline.

How will we know when the Bubble is bursting?  Well, they always burst and the bigger they are the harder they burst, but you’d like to know just slightly in advance, no?

I remember the original dot cum bubble bursting.  I’d call the day it burst the day Webvan IPO’d and the stock went nowhere.  I had been given some IPO stock by my broker and it was flat to down.  It had all the right things in place for a Bubble IPO, Goldman backed it, yada, yada.  Just no profits and no real business.  At least LinkedIn has some profit this time.

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