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13 Reasons Not to Go to the Cloud

Posted by Bob Warfield on January 28, 2011

This weeks sponsored InfoBoom post is something a little different for me.  As long time readers will know, I am a total Cloud fanatic.  However, Michael Coté wrote a note saying he’s been researching reasons not to go to the Cloud.  I’ll bite.  There is almost always a lot to be learned by considering the reverse of any proposition, no matter how good it may seem.  If nothing else, you will discover things are never as rosy as they seem or you may discover a way to eliminate a negative and make it better than ever.

Check out the article, therefore, for 13 reasons not to go to the Cloud.  I didn’t set out to make it 13, but given my preference for the Cloud, it was just Karma that made it such an unsavory number!

PS May be a busy day for Smoothspan.  I’ve got a couple of other posts I want to get out and I’m not sure I can wait!

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