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Helping Managers Visualize the Right Decisions

Posted by Bob Warfield on December 30, 2010

Recently, our family took a vacation and benefited from all kinds of information available for spur of the moment decisions from my iPad.  The silly thing was constantly out and being consulted for something, and it made a real difference to our trip.  I have no doubt that

Visualizing the Competition

Graphic for Visualizing Your Competition (HT to @Sheynkman!)

 we got to try better food, stop at more interesting places, and generally be more spontaneous without ever getting lost than we ever could have left to our own devices no matter how many travel guides we could purchase and study before the trip. 

I couldn’t help but wonder how to inject this kind of value into every day decision making at work, so this week’s IBM InfoBoom sponsored post is dedicated to that idea.  Check it out!

(Be sure to check out Sheynkman’s post that also inspired some of my thinking as well as the cool graphic I’ve used for the article.)

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