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CIO’s: How Will You Avoid Social Silos?

I’m a firm believer that maximizing the ROI of your Social efforts in the Enterprise requires deeply integrating your Social Platforms with your Enterprise Software Platforms. 

The major Enterprise Software players are well aware of the importance of Social Software as well as the advantages of deep integration for ROI.  This is why we have SuccessFactors acquiring Cubetree, Salesforce investing heavily in Chatter, and so on.  Indeed, a lot of the uniqueness of Salesforce’s Chatter is it’s integation with business process.

There’s just one problem: if every Enterprise Vendor is going to acquire and build a social platform, how are we going to tie them all together and avoid Social Silos?

It gets worse.  To really maximize the value of your Social Platforms, you need to involve not just employees, but also your customers and partners.

Working through a set of requirements questions CIO’s should be considering for their Social Platforms is the topic for this week’s Smoothspan Sponsored InfoBoom post.  Check it out!

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