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Check out IBM’s InfoBoom

Posted by Bob Warfield on December 7, 2010

By way of introduction, I just made my first post as a Sponsored SubjectExpert on IBM”s InfoBoom community, and it was a doozy.  Think of it as an appropriate next chapter to follow my Enterprise 2.0 is Dead post, because it talks about a new (actually getting to be pretty widespread) concept in Social Business Software that some have taken to calling “Procial.”  It’s the idea of layering in some highly integrated but conventional business process software with social.  Salesforce has layered their entire ecosystem as a productivity layer under Chatter, for example (some would say I have it backwards which is layering which, LOL).

The post can be found on InfoBoom as “Talking Pro-cial With Teambox.”

On InfoBoom itself, it’s a community sponsored by IBM for IT professionals that’s focused on the major megatrends facing IT today:

–  BI

–  Data Security

–  Green IT

–  Governance

–  Social Media for Business

–  Cloud Computing

Given the last two, you can see why they picked Smoothspan to do a little blogging there.  If you’ve never visited a first-class community for business (I hestitate to call it a Facebook for grown ups because that isn’t fair to Facebook), it’s worth checking it out.  Lots of interesting ideas for how to go about it.

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Catch Tony Nemelka’s guest post on Esteban Kolsky’s blog.  When I read Tony saying that E2.0 vendors have been skating to where the puck is, but that the goal is now behind them, and he goes on to say customers want E2.0 to “Integrate with how we operate. Don’t interrupt. Become part of the fabric. Follow our lead. We’re in control of things now,” it resonates with what I’m saying here.  Social without full integration to an existing and important business process is missing some very important beef.

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