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Send Vineet “Cloud is bullsh*t” Nayar to Dreamforce

Posted by Bob Warfield on December 6, 2010

Sorry for the quasi-profane title, but it fit and it started where I read Nayar’s comments on the Cloud in fellow EI Phil Fersht’s column.  And a painful read it was, too.  That’s one of those quotes you could already tell just from reading the article the speaker regretted as soon as the interviewers seized on it.  I like Nayar’s “Employee’s First” culture idea a lot (it relates well to Esteban Kolsky’s musings about SCRM and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, for example), but this stuff on the Cloud he’s saying makes no sense.

Fortunately, Vinnie Merchandani really said all that needs to be said in his column.  After commenting on Nayar’s Cloud comments with, “like many technology  executives who try their hand at becoming industry analysts, the results are often not pretty,” Vinnie goes on to make a brilliant suggestion:

Nayar needs to go to Dreamforce and talk to a few of the thousands of Cloud Customers who will be in attendance about why the Cloud isn’t bullsh*t.

Wonderful idea, Vinnie!  And a good one for the rest of you Cloud Curmudgeons out there too.

‘Nuff said…

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