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What Apple TV Should Have Been

Posted by Bob Warfield on September 2, 2010

I read with interest Don MacAskill’s post about the disappointment in Apple TV over at SmugMug.  He listed a bunch of limitations that boiled down to their being no open apps capability.  It’s all closed:

–  The only photo share is Flickr.  No Facebook or SmugMug photos and videos.

–  You get ABC and Fox for TV, over and out.  BTW, Amazon already has those too, big deal.

He goes on, the post is worth a read.  And, as he starts out, they’re all Apple Fan Boys over there.

I couldn’t resist leaving the following comment paraphrasing Google:

It’s almost like Apple TV has a draconian future, where one man, one company, and one carrier controls its future.

Oh wait, my bad.  That’s the iPhone and iPad.  Not Apple TV.

Carry on!


Seriously silly business.  The control just keeps ratcheting up to more and more unnecessary levels.

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