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The Tremendous Growth of Useless Information

Posted by Bob Warfield on August 8, 2010

Eric Schmidt says that every 2 days we create as much new information as we did in the entire period before 2003.  If that’s true, then a fantastic amount of that information must be useless, because civilization certainly hasn’t advanced to the point where it has that much to say every 2 days.

What does that say about the continued need for better ways of filtering information overload?

What does it say about the role machines and software are playing in automating the creation of useless information?

What opportunities does it create for the entrepreneur?

Where is the value?  In creation, consumption, or discovery of information?

What does it say to you about your personal strategies for surfing the information wave without getting tubed?

2 Responses to “The Tremendous Growth of Useless Information”

  1. AShar said

    I think that the term information is being used very loosely here. Data is not Information. I would assume that Eric means that we are creating data at this rate – and he’s using it a proxy for information. However, its true that we are also creating a LOT of information – just watch this blog for example add more information every few days.

    BTW, Information is not Knowledge.

    So we need to watch for what data gets converted to information and then what information gets converted to knowledge and how much of that makes into wisdom.

    • smoothspan said

      Aw c’mon Anshu, that old saw about Information and Knowledge has been making the rounds of Enterprise Salespeople since the mainframe days. The problem is that they almost never deliver on the promise of delivering any Information or Knowledge.

      The problem here is that Schmidt is talking about the Internet and its all hanging out there in your face, baby.



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