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Android: The Long Term Bet

Fascinating news from a recent Appcelerator survey of 2700 mobile developers:

– The long term bet among these developers is Android

– Apple is a short term bet, mostly because it’s a hot platform now.

– The reason is open-ness and cross-platform portability

The really interesting thing is that a lot of Apple’s problems are self-inflicted.  They could be a lot more open and trustworthy, but they’re not acting like Switzerland

It isn’t too late for them to change, but it looks like they have a lot of trust to rebuild.  Is Jobs capable of listening?

Adobe, this is good news for you too.  Your Flash/Flex platform offers the best cross-platform compatibility out there, except that it doesn’t run on Apple’s platforms.  Follow my 7-step plan and prevail as Android comes into its own.

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