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iPhone 4: Ho hum, but at least it fuels some trickle down economics…

Posted by Bob Warfield on June 7, 2010

Despite being plastered all over Techmeme, there’s nothing about the iPhone 4 that really gets my blood pumping.  About the same look, about the same feel, a few more features here and there, none of which I’m dying to get my hands on.  But at least its cheap.

Some years ago, there was the constant urge to upgrade one’s PC.  You had to get the new hotness, and it was hot.  Without the latest greatest, you couldn’t run the newest video games, and of course it was faster.  Yum!

We’re now an all-smartphone family.  The two kids and I have iPhones and my wife has an Android (like many women, she wanted a real keyboard because her fingernails made the iPhone hit or miss).  That’s cool, because like those PC ugrades of yore, there’s a farm team here which likes the upgrade-hand-me-downs.  My poor daughter has my original non-3G iPhone, though she still loves it.  Frankly, getting an iPhone 4 would make her happier than any of us, no matter whether she actually got the iPhone 4 or one of the hand-me-downs. 

With PC’s, there was more flexibility.  Give one kid the better video and the other the better mobo post-upgrade.  Then switch.  Harder to do that sort of thing with these new devices.  But there is still some hope of hand-me-down goodness.  After all, there are 2 Kindles, and that raises the question of a potential iPad incoming, which would free up a Kindle.

Welcome to the new device trickle down economics.

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