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Facebook Working Overtime to Earn People’s Ire

Posted by Bob Warfield on May 23, 2010

The wife just walked in after having delivered number one son to an appointment to report that Facebook was all over the local radio station.  It seems that consumer advocate Leo Laporte is unhappy with them first over privacy (natch), then over making it hard to delete your Facebook page, and finally over deleting content on people’s Facebook pages.   It seems Laporte laboriously wnet through the pain to figure out how to delete your Facebook page and passed on the news on a web page.  A station back east picked up the link and put it on their Facebook page.  Next thing you know, Facebook deletes that link and the S**tstorm starts anew for Facebook.

I can’t make this silly nonsense up, Scoble is seeing and blogging about the same thing.  The comments around this stuff are radioactive.  Apparently Facebook has felt free to delete all kinds of things.  As my wife says, when people wake up and realize they don’t really own their content on their page, Facebook does, they are going to be pissed.  The other thing she rightly points out is she can’t believe Facebook’s employees are busy on the weekend doing this stuff.  Working overtime to earn people’s ire is not a great customer satisfaction strategy!

I don’t care how smart the Facebook people and Marc Z. think they are, nor how many people use Facebook, when it reaches a point where my wife hears this stuff on the radio, they’ve got a problem that needs fixing urgently and needs not to get broken again.

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