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First Chance I Get, I’m Dropping AT&T From Our iPhones

Posted by Bob Warfield on June 8, 2009

Just heard from Apple WWDC:  the new iPhone 3.0 will support tethering, but AT&T will not.

Here’s the company spending zillions advertising how great their 3G network is, but they are opting out of supporting tethering on the iPhone. 

This is a cause well worth starting a consumer revolt over.  Send messages to Apple and to AT&T to express your unhappiness if you have an iPhone.  Tweet about it with hashtag #NoTetherNoATT.

First chance I get, I will be opting out of supporting AT&T any further with my iPhone dollars.

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Sam Diaz calls AT&T the iPhone’s boat anchor over on ZDNet.  Amen.

Dan Frommer says Steve Jobs missing from WWDC and AT&T too.  AT&T’s absence in terms of supporting key features was worse.  At least we no Steve is still in the background just trying to get healthier.  AT&T has no excuse.

BS Excuse #whatever:  AT&T says no MMS because they have to manually update the accounts Opt-Out option.  Come on, people.  These are computers.  Nothing has to be manual!

2 Responses to “First Chance I Get, I’m Dropping AT&T From Our iPhones”

  1. jwhitling said

    Why not just get a Blackberry Storm. It multi tasks, tethers, and it has a removable battery, great battery life, and removable memory too. The IPhone has nothing on the Storm. Problems solved.

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