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Bob’s Rules for Happiness, Applied to Marketing

Posted by Bob Warfield on June 4, 2009

Read a post from John Jantsch today that says there are only 5 things people really buy:

1) Make them more money
2) Save them more time
3) Allow them to avoid the frustration of doing stuff they don’t like (like wasting time and money)
4) Help them save or not lose money today and in future
5) Help them feel better about themselves

I’ll paraphrase John with a quote of my own about how to achieve happiness:

At any point in time, you should be doing one of these things:

  1. Having a good time.

  2. Making money.

  3. Sleeping.

  4. Teaching your offspring about 1-3.

If you find yourself doing anything else, stop at once and do one of those 4 things. 

#4 got added after we had kids, and I might add it is best practiced by participating with them in the other 3. 

I find my list to be a little less B2B than John’s (you can definitely market the heck out of having a good time, ask Captain Morgan or even Zappo’s) but we’re on a similar track!

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