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The One Thing That Annoys Customers More Than Anything Else Happened to Louis Gray with Adobe

I read with wry amusement Louis Gray’s two blog posts about his dealings with Adobe.  Seems he had a terrible time getting them to fulfill his order.  In my experience, nothing is worse than having the money, being ready to spend it, but finding the merchant unwilling or unable to take your money and give you product.  I feel for ya, Louis!

In this case, Louis ordered via the Internet and directly from Adobe a downloadable version of the Creative Suite for over $1000.  You’d think ordering this way would be the fastest possible way to get product, no? 


They put a hold on his order and 2 unhelpful customer service calls later he was still held up.  The finger pointing started up with Adobe firmly holding to the story that it was the credit card and the credit card company saying they’d already cleared the transaction.

It’s pretty darned silly in this day and age for these shenanigans to be going on.  The worst part of it was that it left Louis stuck.  If it had been me, I would’ve known I could stop by Fry’s on my way to work and pick up the software, but I’d have thought it more convenient just to download it right away.  Winding up with the worst of both worlds (download didn’t work, and now I have an theoretically closed purchase so I can’t just go buy it either) would’ve sent me straight to the moon.

Shame on you Adobe for this foolishness!

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