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Slow News Day: GMail Gets Search and Twitter is a Triumph of Humanity

Oh Boy.

GMail getting a search button is big newsReally?  I’m stunned!  It even made Techmeme!  Um, that’s really hard for Google to do, right?  Did you Google guys just get jealous because Twitter added a similar search?  I guess that one did make Techmeme too

Speaking of Twitter, Apple proclaims Twitter a Triumph of Humanity!  But so did Ashton Kutcher’s prediction for Time Magazine that years from now historians will put Twitter’s creators on a par with Alexander Graham Bell and Marconi to name a few.  With predictions like that, Kutcher will not be on the list, alas.

Come on people!  Twitter is cool, and so is Google.  I use both of them constantly.  But you’re flying a little too high, above the oxygen layer, if you know what I mean.  That or it’s a really slow news day.

But at least Dave Winer was struck speechless for an hour.  His satirical Twitter stream on, um, Twitter and this Apple article kept me in stitches for a little while tonight.

Earth to Fan-Boy-Sphere:  wait for it, there will be news.  Anything that isn’t news is just spam.  Take it easier out there.  The keyboard is a dangerous weapon.  Don’t let yours go off half cocked.

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