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Scoble’s Signature Tactic for Getting Traffic

This is Scoble’s trademark, right here.  The tactic that got him where he is:

Take something that’s playing well and grossly exaggerate it in the direction you think is the reason it plays well.

In this case, Dave Weiner’s post about not being a liberal coupled with Colin Powell’s announcement that he was supporting Obama were the pieces that were “playing well”.  Scoble’s gross exaggeration is to say he is “not an American” if going along with whatever he is opposed to is what Americans do.

Scoble is no Colin Powell, but he is interesting at least.  Scoble’s personality makes it easier to take the hard messages and the exaggeration.  If he pushes too far, well, “that’s just Scoble, you can’t take him too seriously.”  A lot of other bloggers couldn’t get away with these tactics, but they’re given Scoble a world-class readership.

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