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Marketers Make Us Unhappy

Another great Seth Godin post.  He is so pithy.  Very few words, very strong messaging.  I’m sure there is a correlation there.  I wish I could be as concise!

His message this time is that it isn’t what we have that makes us unhappy, but what we don’t have.  It is the marketer that so often breaks through our blissful ignorance to inform us that something critical is missing from our lives.  Thus begins the lust.  As a gadget freak and general technophile, I am painfully familiar with the lust for THINGS.

Godin makes another interesting point.  If you are a marketer trying to grow share (or grow a new market I would submit), that is far easier than simply trying to sustain a large share.  Why?  Because by definition people already have the large share product, so it isn’t making them unhappy.


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