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Aloha! And Shaking My Head at the Latest Twitter Kerfluffle

Posted by Bob Warfield on August 17, 2008


I’m back from a much needed vaca to the Big Island for a little diving, some sun, and some relaxation to reboot my worn out brain cells. 

Since coverage began, my wife has been glued to the Olympics, and I have to say there’ve been some choice moments I’ve caught while reading alongside her. 

I saw Jamaican Usain “Lightning” Bolt’s amazing 100m dash.  He made it look so easy to get the gigantic lead he developed and actually seemed carefree and slowing down at the end of the race.  Very exciting!

Michael Phelps quest for a record 8 gold medals is another one I’ve been catching glimpses of. 

Imagine my surprise when I read a Techcrunch article saying people are unhappy because CNN is putting results into Twitter as they’re available, but the networks televise much later.  So, people reading their Twitter feeds are seeing the results of races they haven’t watched and they’re upset.

It just seems like Twitter can’t win.  Either we’re applauding how it is the fastest source of news on the Internet or we’re bemoaning that news is appearing there too fast.

Go figure!

One Response to “Aloha! And Shaking My Head at the Latest Twitter Kerfluffle”

  1. captainchunk said

    Here here! You can’t say you want your news like lightning but then complain when you get shocked by it. Twitter is super fast and minor stuff like this will come up, but really is it even news worthy? Twitter is changing the journalism game and this is just one example of how that is happening.


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