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Fred Wilson Has a Great Idea: Make Comments Into Blog Posts

Posted by Bob Warfield on June 16, 2008

Fred Wilson has a great idea.  He wants an easy way to turn a comment into a blog post. 

Why?  As he mentions, he gets comments every day that are as good as any blog posts.  He’s thinking that it would be cool to easily reblog onto his front page any and all great comments in a format that shows they are comments and a link to the post the comment is from.

I like this idea a lot!

I’m not real fond of Disqus, because it takes the conversation away from your blog.  But this idea is the exact opposite–it let’s you make the conversation an even more integral part of the blog.  What a great way to reward someone who writes a brilliant comment on your blog.

I’ve written in the past about features that ought to be added to blogging platforms.  They don’t seem to be evolving very rapidly.  This is an easy one.  I hope the WordPress gods will look on it with favor.

2 Responses to “Fred Wilson Has a Great Idea: Make Comments Into Blog Posts”

  1. dharmeshs said

    It’s an interesting idea.

    My question would be: How would this feature work? I’m thinking there’s already a somewhat simple work-around (which is copy/paste the content of a comment into a blog post).

  2. smoothspan said

    Dharmesh, I think it would be quite straightforward. All that would be needed is a button on the comment that would allow the blog owner to post the comment as an article. A standard format for the comments would be provided so you could tell at a glance you were looking at a comment. The comment should carry a link back to the original article, and I would think commenting on it would add comments both to the comment and the original article’s comment thread so that they are one and the same.

    Much like copy/paste, just a whole lot more convenient!



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