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My Biggest iPhone Gripe Still Not Fixed

Posted by Bob Warfield on June 10, 2008

Nobody is talking at all about my biggest iPhone gripe:  no Flash support.  I can find no news of when or if it will be fixed.  Not sure what’s up between Adobe and Apple, but this is silly to leave out there.

3 Responses to “My Biggest iPhone Gripe Still Not Fixed”

  1. twgonzalez said

    I agree, it is like that big pink elephant no one wants to acknowledge… If Apple really wants to see a proliferation of Apps for the iPhone they would strike some deal with Adobe that locks Flex/Flash developers into some special Flash/Flex SDK that would enforce Apples walled garden model…and lock down a specific API for Apple so it would not get reused on other mobile devices. Or ideally they just open it up and see the amazing applications that get written for Apple with little to no effort on their part.

    – Tom

  2. smoothspan said

    Tom, seems like your idea is perfect. Maybe that is the real bone of contention between the two. Either that Adobe won’t do it, or that Apple won’t admit that is the issue.

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