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This Blog is My Resume

Interesting flurry of blog posts about how blogs make better resumes than resumes.  If you think so, you should certainly consider this blog as my resume.

People ask me what I’m up to a lot.  The answer is, I’m looking for my next gig, and meanwhile, I’m learning new things and networking a lot.  The SmoothSpan Blog gives me a chance to share back some of what I learn along the way.  I’m lucky enough to have  a large enough network that it has reached critical mass and continues to grow without too much effort.  The blog helps that networking process too.  If you’re interested in cloud computing, whether SaaS, Web 2.0, or Enterprise 2.0, and you want to get a cup of coffee to compare notes, drop me a line and let’s get in touch.  I may or may not want to get a cup of coffee, but I’ve met a lot of great people that way.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure if the resume is dead or not.  A lot of good people don’t have blogs and may not enjoy writing as much as I do.  For certain professions, such as markets or product managers, its hard for me to imagine why you wouldn’t have a blog, but for engineers it is more rare and less highly correlated with essential skills.  I would say that you can learn a lot about a person reading their blog, so I’m always excited to find someone I have just met has one. 

For those of you not yet ready to throw the resume in the trash, mine is available and current as well, but I suspect this blog will be more illuminating.


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