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NYT Correctly Calls the Biggest Microhoo Challenge (Hint: It’s the Microsoft Rift With the Web)

I’ve been complaining about Microsoft’s unneccesary Rift with the Web for quite a while, and occasionally taking grief for it from Microsoft supporters.  The NYT has a great article about how the incompatibility of Microsoft’s proprietary with Yahoo’s Open web technology is the biggest obstacle that the combined entity will face.  When we reach a stage where the NYT sees that Microsoft has a Rift, it’s pretty hard to deny the Rift exists.

What if the merger signalled the end of the Rift?  Wouldn’t it send an amazing message to the world if Microsoft flat out abandoned their insistence on their own platforms.  They don’t have to kill those platforms, they just need to quit insisting on them to the exclusion of all else.  Can you imagine a world with Microsoft pushing Linux, PHP, MySQL and all the rest?

No, me neither.  I guess they’re in for a rough ride!

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