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Even Hardware Companies Can Be SaaSy

Posted by Bob Warfield on January 23, 2008

I guess it was predictable, but it’s still a good move.  EMC is now in the SaaS Enterprise Backup business.  They’ve combined their purchased Mozy technology with some more industrial strength underpinnings and rolled out a new service for businesses. 

I didn’t have good luck with Mozy when I tried it.  Everything seemed to be working well right up until I needed to restore the backups after a hard disk crash and then I couldn’t get at my data.  Consequently, I purchased a 1 TB NAS drive (they’re cheap!) this last Christmas.  Still, it’s nice to have offsite storage and EMC certainly has the know-how to have corrected the problems.  Perhaps I’ll try the service again.

EMC as a company seems to be very smart.  First VMWare, now SaaS backups.  What’s next?

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HP printing hardware gets SaaSy too.  Why sell the printers if you can sell the printed material?

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