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Even the Government is Buying SaaS

Posted by Bob Warfield on January 21, 2008

The WSJ recently had an interesting article about how the US Government is starting to embrace SaaS.  I’ve asked a lot of folks what holds back further SaaS adoption, and the answers have been interesting and varied.  It’s a subject for a later post, but one of the common themes is that certain organizations are just not set up culturally or due to regulations to deal with SaaS.  The US Government was often cited as being in that category.  Until recently, this was true.  When asked why the change, Karen Evans, the White House official who oversees information-technology work throughout the federal government said, “We’re not very good at delivering our own software in the time frame set,” and went on with, “We’re also not very good at managing large projects.”

Bravo Karen!  It’s rare that organziations can acknowledge their weaknesses, and this is often a necessary precursor to getting on with a solution.  There remain many cultural, and some technology barriers to SaaS adoption, but when you read the US Government is thinking more about it, you have to figure the worst is over.

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