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IBM Trying to Keep Up With the Cloud Jones’s

Posted by Bob Warfield on January 3, 2008

Can you tell that the whole cloud computing thing is ratcheting up a few notches in intensity?  I blame Amazon, who’ve rolled out a ton of initiatives and gotten lots of traction among startups.  But we ain’t seen nothin’ yet, friends.

Already there are signs that others are feeling like the train is leaving the station.  One of the more interesting is that IBM is bringing on CouchDB’s Damien Katz to work on the project full time.  It seems to me that IBM is making this move to ensure that they have an answer for Amazon’s SimpleDB in the form of CouchDB.  Thanks to Patrick Logan for pointing this out in his own blog post.

We’re going to see this pace continue to accelerate, and we’re going to see those who want to be players jockeying to make sure that they have all the elements in their Cloud Platform Suite.  It’s still to early to tell what the exact combination of ingredients for success will be, but so far it looks like Amazon is the head chef when we see others trying to emulate what they’ve done.

Meanwhile this is fantastic news for developers and startups that want to embrace these technologies.  The danger in things like Amazon’s Web Services is that they are so unique that you become utterly dependant on them.  The more others offer the same sort of services, the more competition can work its magic and make the whole scene more vibrant, cheaper, and innovative.

Viva les Cloud Computing!

One Response to “IBM Trying to Keep Up With the Cloud Jones’s”

  1. cbmeeks said

    This is wonderful news. It also shows how important this is to the world. Where is Microsoft and Google??


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