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A Little More Google Knols

Posted by Bob Warfield on December 15, 2007

Nick Carr confirms what I’ve asserted in my post on Knols:  Wikipedia frequently comes high in the list of results for a lot of things.  He asserts this is causing Google to move with Knol lest they be “the front door for a vast ad-less info-moshpit outfitted with open source search tools.”  I have another thought.  Consider all the painful machinations the SEO crowd will go through to get a decent ranking for some page you probably didn’t like when you got there anyway.  Now consider what creating high quality content ala a Wikipedia article does for your SEO.  Content is still king.  If you’re not getting the ranking you want, maybe you’re not producing the content the rest of the world wants.

Robert Scoble says Nols sounds suspiciously like Mahalo.  It isn’t really if you look at what the two provide.  Google may deliver Mahalo’s claimed benefits (human input enhancing search) by using information gleaned from Nols in the way I mention, but other than that, I don’t see the two as similar, anymore than people compare Mahalo to Wikipedia very much.

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