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Sometimes You Have to Run From the Big Memes

Posted by Bob Warfield on December 2, 2007

I am not going to write about Facebook Beacon.  I am just not.  I was going through all that mess in my blog reader, and there were so many articles, and so few real insights, that it just wasn’t worth it to add more of the same.

Sometimes you have to run from the memes because they’re meaningless or just plain tapped out.  Doing so can be strangely liberating.  Suddenly I was marking a whole ton of articles that had clogged up my blog reader as “read”.  They were outta there.  The world seemed streamlined.  It was Fresh.  And it seemed a lot more interesting once I could see what was underneath all the Facebook Beacon junk.

I keep wishing for an artithmetic of blogs.  I want to be able to work at a meme level, and at a blog level, not just the current post level.  It would be great to zap all the Facebook Beacon articles with one stroke.  It would be great to take Scoble’s Link Blog and subtract all the blogs I read anyway so I don’t wade through it twice.  Ditto for Techmeme.  I’m sure this is very doable, I just haven’t had time to do it yet.  Too busy reading about Facebook Beacon.

3 Responses to “Sometimes You Have to Run From the Big Memes”

  1. cbmeeks said

    Facebook seems to be turning into it’s own private little internet. I really don’t see the attraction. What is weird is that they turned down like 1.6 BILLION from Yahoo and now their “value” has soared. For now. Until some teenager with green hair programs some neat little way for everyone to share their dreams or something else we haven’t thought about sharing yet.

    I guess I’m just too old to get it. I just don’t see the turn-on for Facebook.

  2. engtech said

    Interesting idea. it shouldn’t be too hard to take OPML in and create a filter based on it.

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