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More Evidence of Web 2.0 Personality Types

Posted by Bob Warfield on October 4, 2007

Steve Rubel and Stowe Boyd share an interesting trait:  they like to take pictures of things to use as their todo lists.  Another friend of mine serreptitiously snaps pictures of anything his wife looks at for too long while they’re shopping to use as gift ideas the next time she needs something.

The traditional tools for this are written lists.  If that’s all you have, that’s certainly what you’ll use, and I’d venture to say that all three of these guys have made out a written list too.  However, with the right tools, there are other, more personally comfortable or impactful ways of communicating and interacting.  The heart of my Web 2.0 Personality Style concept is that there are a set of dimensions that can be used to characterize different web contrivances along these lines.  My premise is that if you really need to communicate with the largest possible audience, you need to make sure you cover all the bases.  Search this blog (search is top right) for “web 2.0 personality” to read my many posts on the subject.  They explain a lot of things!

For now, let me leave you with two interesting pictures.  First up is my classification of various web services in this model:

Web 2.0 Personalities

For an interesting take on how to “cover all the boxes”, how about Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign on the web:

Campaign 2.0

Click either image for the post describing them more fully…

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