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Should I Push or Pull Information?

Another great Seth Godin post, this time on push vs pull.  He observes quite rightly that the beautiful thing about RSS is it converts a pull medium to a push medium.  He also mentions that he is not a pull guy: 

“I can’t use internal wikis. ‘It’s on the wiki’ is a dumb thing to say to me. “

Welcome to the world of Web 2.0 Personality Styles.  Push vs Pull is just one of the dimensions (I call them “Interrupted” and “Deferred”) that define the idea, along with Rich vs Simple Textual media, Structured vs Unstructured, and Watcher vs Participator.  The more I read, the more I find that this set of dimensions works really well for describing the various ways to reach out to folks and interact on the web.

The answer to the question of should I push or pull?  Well, the answer is usually that you should do both and make it easy for people to select which one they prefer.  The more interesting question is what are you going to do about all the other personality styles?

For a roundup of my recent posts on this concept, see “Roundup of Personality Posts“.  Others are starting to think along these lines too.  You’d be surprised at who seems to be using this model or something like it.

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