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Headline Story: Newspapers Switch to SaaS

Posted by Bob Warfield on September 9, 2007

Newspapers are in a scary situation these days, and pundits seem to agree on that.  First, their most profitable source of revenue, classifieds, has been undergoing a mass migration to the Web.  More recently, news itself has become more accessible on the web. 

Wouldn’t it all be better if newspapers switched from On-premises over to SaaS?  Isn’t reading your news on the web basically a SaaS instantiation?

While we’re on that topic, don’t we want to head written documentation down the same path?

Just imagine what could happen if a major media brand really understood how to build a Social Network and exploit all the Web 2.0 Personality Spaces?

The trouble is we have another industry where computers are viewed as unrelated to the business or worse, they are seen as the enemy.  This just makes it easier for others to take their market away

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