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Persistent mySQL Now Available for Amazon EC2/S3 Junkies

Posted by Bob Warfield on September 2, 2007

There are now two companies, Elastra and RightScale, who are offering solutions for Persistent mySQL on Amazon EC2/S3.  This is a significant development in utility computing because most companies wishing to use Amazon’s platform would have to solve this thorny problem before they could get on with doing something interesting.   Having an off-the-shelf solution makes it that much easier to adopt the platform.

Some are concerned about the price or about getting locked into Amazon, but I think these are relatively safe bets.  First, we already have 2 players, and Amazon will likely offer a solution of its own.  Hence the price will stabilize to a lower point in a competitive marketplace.  Second, mySQL is the API here, not Amazon.  Any utility computing service that wants to make a go will have to support mySQL in some form or fashion, so rehosting may not even be that bad.  Hence the lock-in is minimal.

Thanks to High Scalability for the heads up!

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