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Links: September 3, 2007

Posted by Bob Warfield on September 2, 2007

Awesome Context Aware Image SizingLots of people are talking about this Truly Great Innovation for photo editors!  Hope for it in PhotoShop soon!

An Introduction to Erlang for Curly Brace Programmers:  Good intro to massively parallel language Erlang for Java and C++ types.

Building Your Own Social Network

Business Collaboration Requires Collaboration Technology

Elephant Math:  Seth Godin gives us another excellent look at how to trigger real viral growth in marketing.  See my piece on Web 2.0 Persuasion for more on this.

Seth Also Talks About Audio Books:  Interesting how fewer audio books can still lead to more effective results.

Dion says Mainstream Business is Ready for Web 2.0

A couple of blogs on whether IT or Business is buying SaaS and whether SaaS lets the Business bypass IT

Seven Steps to Successful SaaS Adoption:  Including some new ideas on what can be done self-service (Localization).

Top 15 Mistakes in OpenMP:  aka Why parallel programming in Curly Braced Languages is Hard.

Jeremy Zawodny on Why There is No Web OS:  He is wrong (see the comments on his note), but then again, maybe there is no spoon.

A Staggering Reading List for Search Engine Afficionados

The Manifesto of the Futurist Programmers:  They’re right!

The Era of DSL’s:  Polyglot Programming is Here to Stay

What SOA Needs to Learn from Ruby On Rails:  Convetion over Configuration.  Many other things would benefit from these observations!

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