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Welcome to SmoothSpan!

Posted by Bob Warfield on May 18, 2007

SmoothSpan as a project is the culmination and intersection of a number of ideas I’ve been working on all my career. It combines radical technology innovation with equally radical business model innovation to literally reinvent and extend SaaS.

As a 3 time serial entrepreneur, it should come as no great surprise that I’m founding a company. I came upon the name “SmoothSpan“, found the domain available, one thing led to another, and pretty soon I had a web site. It’s the first modest step on the road to building a new company, but it feels good to get started with something concrete.

That big beautiful night shot of the Golden Gate bridge on the home page really inspired me. I had been looking at “bridge motifs” for a while to go with the “span” in my company’s name. This one really brings along the ideas of “stealth” (it’s a night shot) and “excitement”, which were added bonuses.

I’m sorry to say I can’t share too much about the idea just yet! But, I will use these pages to explore some thoughts about business strategy in the age of SaaS, technologies related to SaaS, and probably a lot else that is related to the iceberg beneath the waves, but that will not seem very connected.

Maybe this free association will stimulate thoughts for your own Big New Idea!

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