Some sites have it, some don't. These all do. Check 'em out!

Adobe Flex 2 Component Explorer: A quick way of seeing all the stock UI gadgets offered by Flex, and a rich internet UI to do it in.

Adobe Flex Style Explorer: A companion to Component Explorer, Style Explorer demonstrates how much control you have to change the look and feel of the Flex UI gadgets.

BeautifulSociety: A place to tell others about your favorite things.

BuzzWord: A word processor done in Flex by Virtual Ubiquity.

ClickShirt:  Because even T-shirt design can have visual buzz.

Cocomo Collaboration Demo

ColorSchemer:  Simple and nifty.

Fauxto:  Flex application for photo editing.

Flexbox: Flex components available for download. Flowcharts in your browser.

Funnel Design Group:  Okay, there could be some sites with too much visual buzz! Amazing animated avatars of your face.

Glassy Buttons. Another button maker.

Gliffy:  Gliffy could be modified to be our Glyph editor.  It's an Ajax version of Visio.

HumbleVoice: Social networking for artists.

iLog Elixir: Flex components, including org charts, tree maps, and a number of others.

Lighthouse:  Supposedly the world's finest UI for bug tracking.  Certainly has visual buzz!

Local Font List:  See every font currently installed on your machine with this Flex RIA.

Magic Ink:  What if Edward Tufte were designing user interfaces for computer applications today?  A worthwhile and much shorter summary here.

Microsoft Silverlight Airlines Demo:  The demo used for the alpha version of Silverlight.

Mindomo:  An idea mapping program developed with a Flex RIA.

My Cool Button: Fun and simple. Add a Web 2.0 look to your site.

OrgPlusLive: Org charts from the market leader done in Flex.

Picnik:  An easy to use photo editor.

PowerToChangeMe:  A health related site built on Flex.

Processing: A language for creating dynamic visualizations. Their samples are really cool!

PureVolume: A great site for music.

Quietly Scheming:  Many cool Flex components.  Go to the bottom of his blog page to see the list.

Quintura: One of the nicest visual search engines I've seen yet.

Saffron: Very sexy UML modeler that runs as an Apollo (disconnected Flex) application.

Search Crystals: A very cool alternative meta-search engine.

SmartSheet: A collaborative spreadsheet application.

StockFetcher:  Adobe Flex based site for Technical stock analysis.

StreamPad:  I think this is Ajax with just a little touch of Flash.  Its a remote MP3 player.  Sucks 'em off your PC and lets you play them anywhere.

Synthasite: AJAX based site creator.

Timeline: Create cool timelines for anything and see timelines others have created.

Trig: A mySpace for people with a musical bent and design sensibilities.

Virb: Virb is like mySpace for people with design sensibilities.

WorryDream:  An amazing vanity web site.

yFiles: A FLEX component for creating diagrams. Demos at bottom of page.

YourMinis:  Widgets for your web site.  Another Flex app.



The 50 Most Anticipated Betas:  So you can see them coming!



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