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My Bootstrappa's Paradise Blog Series

Read them in this order (forget the order I am writing them in):

It's a Bootstrappa's Paradise: Whether you want to raise VC, or start a business for yourself, you gotta Bootstrap.

The Bootstrappin’ Team: All Starters: What kind of team do you need to pull off a Bootstrap?

Bootstrappin' the Buzz: How to get people to hear about your product.

Optimizing the Wrong Metric May Be the Root of All Evil in Marketing:  Closed Loop Marketing Analytics for the Bootstrap.

Content Trumps SEO and Links: Bootstrappers need to start their marketing with content.

Content Marketers: Are You a Teacher, a Curator, or a Pundit? Three types of content for your Content Marketing campaigns.

Who is Your Chief Content Officer: Are you getting the idea I think Content Marketing is important yet?

A Pair of Killer Pricing Articles for Startups: Freemiums and strategies for how to price your bootstrapped product.


Getting Started:

Bootstrappa's Ball: Some short Bootstrappin' Stories

The Boostrapper's Bible: Good vintage stuff from Seth Godin.

Content Marketing: A list of companies I've come across that do great content marketing.


Bootstrap Marketing:

Startup Metrics for Pirates: Great intro by Dave McClure, AARRR!


Miscellaneous Resources:

Buzzwords for Webbies

E-Mail Subscription to the SmoothSpan Blog

VisualBuzz: Some sites have it, some don't. Check out this list.

A Game Mechanics Play Deck: Think of it as a Pattern Language for Game Mechanics.

Startup Tools Wiki: List of tools in use by startups and which startups are using them.


It's a Bootstrappa's Paradise!


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