Great Content Marketers

What makes a great content marketer? Don't all great web sites have a lot of content?

It's like the old story about the judge and the pornography--hard to describe a set of rules that precisely identify great content marketing, but I know it when I see it. My key deciding factor is whether I think I would be thrilled if I were trying to learn more about the space the company was in and found the web site. Did the site simply tell me about another vendor in the space? Big deal. Did it fundamentally educate me in cool ways about the space without being too in my face with marketing spam? That's a content marketing web site!

Here is a random sampling that I have come across:


Rally Software: I discovered these guys while doing a "Termite Inspection" for some investors. Great company with a great team and product. But what really blew me away was their total approach to Content marketing. This was the first time I'd seen what my gut was telling me in very vague terms was the way to go. Suddenly I had a concrete example to draw from. Some of the great things not to be missed here:

- Rally by the Numbers: Because Learning Styles matter and Infographics with numbers can be very impactful, especially to an audience of software developers.

- Agile Resource Center: Tons of downloads all in one place.

- Blog About the Space: The main blog is about thought leadership in the space, not about their products. There is a separate product blog.

- Learn Agile: Online communities, a training university, and a ton more content.


Unbounce: Great site filled with content about improving your landing pages. Their Landing Page Templates Gallery is hugely valuable as is their well-written blog. Much less volume of content than a site like Rally Software, but theirs is a much more focused offering.

SmugMug: It's rare, but in some cases, the product is the content. You can sit for hours looking at the members' photos here. Photo or video sharing, art sharing, music, and many kinds of retail have the luxury of their products being all the content they need. Even so, they benefit from a little more, I think.

Glacern Machine Tools: Their "Crash Course in Milling" videos are right on the front page. Awesome production values and eye appeal for the site and videos go a long way to helping sell more product.


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